Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Thing #23 Summarize 23 Things

T.G.I.O. -
Here are a few of
my favorite things
- Online image generators, Library
thing,Youtube and Yelp.com (from Web 2.0 Awards list), podcasts and also Overdrive. (I also gave Yelp.com to a patron who was looking for a site to help with restaurants in New York City.)

I'll use some of the information that was presented in 23 things, but not all.

The take-aways for me were tagging , flickr, technorati.

The exercises could be more user-friendly for the people who are not
computer savvy. (Thank you Jo
for the help that you gave to me and to everyone

I would most definitely participate in another one.

I had good days and I had bad days. The good days out weigh the bad ones,
I stuck right in there to get this done. Blogs are interesting. So I
think I will keep on blogging for now. So hats off to 23 Things.

Thing#22 Learn about Audiobooks


LOVE, LOVE Overdrive - I already have an account with them. Love that I can read books rights on my compter or I can print them out. I don't like anybody reading to me, so I will not use the feature for listening to them. But what a cool service!

Thing#21 Podcasts

Loved the Yahoo Podcast, especially the music ones. Also looked for podcasts related to libraries. I couldn't look at those because they need additional plugins. Some of the topics looked really interesting.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Thing#20 YouTube

Youtube ROCKS!!! Love the videos people put on there. FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY. Just saw this video this week. Hilarious

Incredible Lady singing this song

Thing#19 Web 2.0 awards list

Really liked doing thing 19. Found the website yelp.com. This will really come in handy for when I go on trips because it give you everything to restaurants, shopping, night life (really love that ) and also beauty and spas.

I can see myself using this on the reference desk if a patron asks for this type of info.

Thing#18 Online productivity

I can see myself using Google docs. Way Cool.

Thing #17 Sandbox Wiki

Big Whoop! Just playing around with this was boooorrriiinnng! Had to get help in order to post my blog to this thing. Thanks Jo for the help.